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Postural reeducation center in Clifton, NJ

Good posture is essential to maintaining spinal and muscular health. The majority of our days are spent sitting at work or in front of a computer screen, but the long term effects on your body can be detrimental. It's important not only for you, but also those who care about you (e.g., family members), that we take good care of ourselves by practicing proper posture while working!

It is very important to have good posture because it will help with muscle maintenance as well as spine alignment which enhances our overall balance and wellness without us even realizing how much energy this small thing could save us from expending later on when life becomes more stressful due to other factors such as lack sleep, mental exhaustion etc.

Postrual Re-Education Clifton

Our professional staff will help you to maintain a good posture through treatment that relieves your muscle tension and improves the way in which you stand, walk or move. Our postural rehabilitation program not only corrects our posture but also helps us to breathe better by reducing hypertonicity of muscles due its specific reflexes as well as preventing other problems such as insufficient circulation caused by bad alignment and poor respiratory patterns.

Posture reeducation gives us the ability to maintain correct upright symmetrical positions of the spine when we are standing, walking or during active movement pattern activities where every part: spinal column, head neck junction; pelvis; limbs should be in symmetric position with each other while maintaining an erect trunk stance on two feet without.

Postural Re - Education in New Jersey

Clifton Physical Therapy & Rehab Center is a premier provider of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Passaic County, New Jersey. We believe the best functional customized treatment plans are personalized attention with commitment to excellence that distinguishes CLIFTON as one of the leading providers for these services across Northern NJ.