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A: Clifton Physical Therapy & Rehab Center
1373 Broad Street Suite 204, Clifton, NJ 07013
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(201) 880-7787
A: Maywood Physical Therapy & Rehab Center
119 E. Passaic St Maywood, NJ 07607
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(201) 523-9778
A: Emerson Physical Therapy & Rehab Center
45 Emerson Plaza East #102, Emerson, NJ 07630
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A: Bergenfield Physical Therapy & Rehab Center
253 S Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621
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We cover Following Locations

    Clifton Clifton
    At Clifton Physical Therapy and Rehab Centre we treat patients with a wide range of pain and discomfort levels. Doctors and physiotherapist will create specific programs that will help take care of the issue of agony and dysfunction.

    L: Physical Therapy Clifton   CALL: (862) 249-1330
    Passaic Passaic
    Physical Therapy Passaic Situated in the Clifton area, has been providing patients with quality rehabilitation and treatment for over 10 years. The staff provides a range of services including physical therapy; Sports Physical therapy;Neuromuscular Stabilization; Shockwave Therapy, Children Physical Therapy.

    L: Physical Therapy Passaic   CALL: (862) 249-1330
    Paterson Paterson
    Physical Therapy Paterson It is a great way to relieve some of the pain caused by injury. The therapists at our center have years of experience in helping people get back on their feet and living an active lifestyle.

    L: Physical Therapy Paterson  CALL: (862) 249-1330
    Woodland Park Woodland Park
    Physical Therapy Woodland Park treats many patients on a daily basis, most of them with mild painful conditions that have been going on for an extended time.

    L: Physical Therapy Woodland Park  CALL: (862) 249-1330
    Little Falls Little Falls
    Physical Therapy Little Falls With our skilled staff of physicians and physiotherapists, we are able to develop special programs that will help solve the problem of pain with your individual needs in mind.

    L: Physical Therapy Little Falls  CALL: (862) 249-1330
    Cedar Grove Cedar Grove
    Physical Therapy Cedar Grove are a team of physical therapists who understand the importance of quality. Our goal is not just reducing your pain but also improving working conditions so that you can get back on track as soon as possible!

    L: Physical Therapy Cedar Grove  CALL: (862) 249-1330
    Garfield Garfield
    Physical Therapy Garfield boasts a highly qualified team of experts from all departments required during physical therapy. Our team of medical specialists and health physicians are fully capable of identifying your disorders and analyzing the best method that will allow you to gain full health and painless mobility.

    L: Physical Therapy Garfield  CALL: (862) 249-1330
    Montclair Montclair
    Physical Therapy MontClair Our specializes in physical therapy. We treat patients with all types of pain and help them develop a special program to reduce or eliminate their discomfort.

    L: Physical Therapy Montclair  CALL: (862) 249-1330
    Nutley Nutley
    Physical Therapy Nutley is here to help you recover from any type of pain and dysfunction. Our doctors, physical therapists and team will work with your diagnosis for a personalized treatment plan that works best for you!

    L: Physical Therapy Nutley  CALL: (862) 249-1330
    Bloomfield Bloomfield
    Physical Therapy Bloomfield We offer one on one sessions that will help you get back on track so you can resume your normal activities as quickly as possible.

    L: Physical Therapy Bloomfield  CALL: (862) 249-1330