Safety Precautions

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In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, we have adopted suitable changes to ensure utmost safety with strict protocols in place. We have ensured that our patients receive care and help for their painful orthopaedic conditions and recover from them even in these times. Thus, we have taken the following measures in accordance with the guidelines of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, to keep you as safe as possible as and your physical rehabilitation treatment is not impacted or hampered.

At Physical Therapy Clifton and rehabilitation centre, we are closely monitoring the COVID - 19 situation and have put strict health and safety measures in place that follow government guidelines to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.

  • Onsite Scheduling

    In case you need to visit and connect with specialist at our facility, we ensure spaced out appointments that help us strategically avoid large groups of patients gathering at the centre. Rest assured for social distancing protocols, as you will never find a crowded centre.

  • Waiting room adjustments

    We strictly comply with the 6 feet rule of social distancing and have gone to the extent of scientifically altering the design layout of our waiting rooms in a way that not more than 5 patients have to wait in one room at any given time. We have also discarded the highly sensitive items that prone to spread the virus like magazines, books etc. and thus the waiting rooms are not prone to contamination.

  • Gym Treatment Tables Block Off

    We have closed off and blocked off every other table for treatment. Each patient gets a designated space and patient proximity to other patients is totally avoided.

  • Usage of Masks

    Our entire team is instructed to compulsorily wear masks at all times including the front desk and clinical personnel. Patients are also required to wear masks when they enter our facility. This ensures overall safety for everyone.

  • Private Rooms

    We have private rooms and will be available for all appointments.

  • Virtual Appointments

    Through the use of online appointments, we are accommodating our patients who wish to receive medical care within the protective confines of their homes. Telehealth appointments have proven to be easy and convenient in providing pain relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Private Waiting

    In case you have an onsite appointment, we request our patients to wait in their cars until their appointment time arrives. This way, they will have minimal contact with other people or foreign surfaces.

  • Patient Temperature Checks

    Each patient that enters our offices is subjected to have their temperature checked. This is an easy way to determine any possible COVID - 19 cases and ensure their isolation. Medical teams also have their temperature checked regularly.

  • Sanitization / Hand Sanitizer

    We have taken several steps to ensure additional sanitization at our offices. These include sanitizing the room after the patient leaves and having hand sanitizer readily available for everyone.

Physical Therapy and Rehab Center New Jersey

At Physical Therapy and Rehab Center we consider our patient’s well being to be our primary objective. We are solely dedicated to providing you pain relief while also keeping you safe from COVID19. As more information about the virus is discovered, we will continue to mould our safety precaution policies according to the official health authorities.