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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Clifton

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy in Clifton, NJ

What is pelvic floor rehabilitation?

Do I have a Pelvic Floor Pain?

How are you feeling today? You may be experiencing pelvic floor dysfunctions that can severely affect your lifestyle and leave you with embarrassing symptoms. However, there is hope for a better life! With the help of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Passaic County NJ we will work together to find out what's going on down below so that we can make sure everything functions like it should again discreetly and without any pain or discomfort. Schedule an evaluation now before these disorders define who you are as a person! The National Health & Nutritional Examination Survey found 1 / 3 American women have experienced pelvic floor dysfunction in the last decade.


Conditions Treated

  • Urinary Incontinence (stress, urge, mixed) Treatment in NJ
  • Post - Partum Rehabilitation
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Vulvodynia / vestibulodynia
  • Low Back and SI Dysfunction
  • Pre Natal Care
  • Diastasis Recti
  • Dysparunia (painful sex)
  • Pubic Symphysis Pain

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Treatment in New Jersey

Our pelvic floor muscles can be weak, overactive, uncoordinated or have trigger points. Treatment may include myofascial release, strengthening down - training techniques and motor control training. Biofeedback is a tool that we use to retrain our own muscle patterns: the more you practice this new pattern of contracting your muscles in specific ways at will even while sitting still! You'll see how much easier it becomes with time.

What to Expect ?

The Initial Evaluation typically runs about 60 minutes. You will review past medical history, as well as any complaints that led to your appointment with a physical therapist at Passaic County NJ. An orthopedic exam is usually conducted during the evaluation this includes checking for anything that could be causing pain or discomfort in and around the pelvic floor area of our body including hips, lumbar spine, sacroiliac joint etcetera; it may also include an internal examination which involves touching / feeling perineal region (vagina and rectum). We often see skin condition sores on patients who have had injury / surgery through their groin area these are called surgical scars . The other aspect we look into is reflexes strength & mobility when assessing.

These conditions often lead to incontinence, organ prolapse, sexual function problems all very common issues which cause.

Our Aim

We're one of the premier physical therapy and rehabilitation providers in Passaic County. Our goal is to provide patients with a customized treatment plan, personalized attention and commitment to excellence. They specialize in treating injuries such as ACL replacement surgery , rotator cuff repair or diagnosis / rehabilitation from falls, car accidents and work related injury cases while also specializing in women's health issues like pelvic floor dysfunction treatment (PFD). Our goal here at Clifton Physical Therapy & Rehab Center? To provide you with an exceptional service experience.