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Physical therapy near Clifton,New Jersey

Chris - Shoulder and Hamstring Treatment
Dom - Chronic Low Back Pain
Kirby - Back and Knee Treatment
Knee and Femur Fracture Treatments
Lower Back Pain
Thomas - Balance and Muscle Strengthening
Tom- Back, Shoulder & Neck Work Injury
Upper back pain, lower back pain & knee pain treatment
Maddy I, Gymnast - Shoulder and Elbow Instability - DNS
Dan C - Neck Pain and Gym Exercise Correction Techniques
Harvey B - Low Back Pain and Sciatica
Artur C - Achilles Tendinitis and Ankle Instabilty - DNS
Jonathan B - Chronic Low Back Pain and Sacral Instability
Bill D - Post Stroke and Low Back Pain
Arlene F - Post Knee Surgery
Brian R - Postural Correction and Shoulder Rehabiliation - DNS
Beiki W - Neck and Mid Back Pain
Christine G - Biceps Tendonitis Treatment
Dawne C - DNS Treatment for Back Surgery and Postural Correction & DIMC Treatment
Robert D - Multiple Lumbar Disk Herniation
Semi Pro Tennis Player Treatment - Labral Tear
Pedro Osegueda Left Shoulder Surgery Post Operative Rehabilitation
Sharma, Anuj - Chronic Low Back Pain - DNS treatment and Physical Therapy Approach by Dr. Patel
Sung, Kim - Gym Injurt Neck and Shoulder Pain and Tightness